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CNRFC Hydro Discussion
Howard Sheckter
NWS Reno
NWS Hanford
NWS San Francisco
UNISYS weather

Radar Loops

U.S. radar composite
San Francisco Doppler
Sacramento Doppler
Hanford Doppler
Reno Doppler
Intellicast San Francisco
Intellicast Reno
Intellicast Los Angeles

Satellite Loops

Visible West Central 3km
H2O Vapor West Central 3km
Infrared West Central 3km
Infrared Western U.S. 16km
Fog West Central 3km
Fog Western U.S. 8km

Satellite Pages

UNISYS Enhanced IR
NOAA Sat Images & Loops
Naval Research Lab

Numerical Model Forecasts

All NCEP/HPC Loops
N Hemisphere 500mb Ht
NOAA Model Animations
300 MB Jet Stream loop
N Hemis Mean v. Spaghetti
NA Mean v. Spaghetti
3 to 7 Day Precip Probability
6 to 10 Day T/Precip Prob.
8 to 14 Day T/Precip Prob


Canadian Ensemble Forecasts
MRF Ensemble Precip Prob
Navy Met Oceanography
U.S. Ensemble Prediction
WPC's Model Diagnostics and verification page
WPC 24-hour Probability of precipitation
NOAA Model Animations
1-7 Day QPF
10 Day QPF


Weekly ENSO update
NOHRSC Snow & H2O Maps
LADWP Precip Conditions
California snowpack
Madden-Julian Oscillation


Atmospheric circulation
The seasons
Earth climate animations
El Nino S Oscillation
Pacific/NA Pattern
Madden-Julian Update
Pacific Decadal Oscillation
NOAA Photo Library
Amer Met Soc Glossary
EarthStorm Edu. Outreach

GFS North Pacific:

SLP/Precip  12z 18z 0z 06z
250 mb Wind  12z 18z 0z 06z
850 mb/T/Wind 12z 18z 0z 06z

GFS North America:

SLP/Precip  12z 18z 0z 06z
250mb Wind  12z 18z 0z 06z
850 mb/T/Wind 12z 18z 0z 06z
Precip Only 12z 18z 0z 06z

NWS Climate Prediction Center

Long Lead Forecast Maps
CFS Seasonal Forecast
El Nino/La Nina home page
ENSO discussion
Pacific SST loop
Equatorial Pacific T/Depth
Global SST loop

Webcams and MesoWest

Mammoth Mountain Webcams
MesoWest CA
MesoWest MMSA